Documentary Series

24 Hours: Police

Witness firsthand what life is really like for police and see the differences between policing methods and overall crime statistics in each of four international cities.


A ground-breaking documentary series following some of the UK’s leading legal minds.

Beyond the Search

Beyond the Search is about world issues put together into a 14 part series all highlighting different issues such as war, natural disasters, death, pain but it gives us an insight into how to overcome these problems.

Danger Dogs

Rescue dogs are given a second chance and put through a rigorous training routine to prepare for life as an elite canine, protecting society from drugs and explosives.

Defenders of the Sky

Aircraft and history enthusiast Jules Hudson adventures across the UK to reveal the hidden stories of the airfields that saved Britain and her wartime allies during both world wars.

Down The Mighty River

It’s the final summer for the Rupert River as we know it. One of the last wild rivers in North America is about to be diverted for a major hydroelectric project.

Dream Island

The inspiring story of the Skokholm Island's restoration against the back drop of a full season in the company of the island's rare and magnificent wildlife.

Oxford Street Revealed

It is Europe's busiest shopping street turning over £5 billion a year….where the rich and famous mix with students, workers and thieves; it all happens on London's Oxford Street.

Pet Island

Meet the pet psychics who communicate telepathically with animals, cats who are learning to use the toilet, and an opera singer who serenades his miniature donkeys.

Rescue Mediums

Rescue Mediums follows the trials and tribulations of two acclaimed and quirky International psychics, as they ask ghostly spirits to leave. Hauntings are more frequent than we like to admit, and the Ladies communicate with those that have shuffled off this mortal coil, get the spirits to tell them their stories and show themselves. Then they research the information given by the ghost(s) to back up the information that has been relayed to them. But sometimes these spirits don't want to depart this earthy plane.

Roller Derby

Roller Derby lifts the lid on the U.K. derby scene by following the exciting and often unpredictable lives of these unique women to discover what it really means to be a roller girl.

Without a Scalpel

What if a doctor could save your limb, your liver, your brain ... your life, and send you home with only a Band-Aid? No Surgery, No Stitches, No Scars.

Wow, I Never Knew That!

Did you know the potato chip was invented out of anger? Or that the red and white stripes on a barber pole were meant to represent bloody bandages? These questions and more are answered and explained in this exciting series called Wow, I Never Knew That!

Travel & Adventure

A Model Adventure

Australian catwalk model and TV presenter Kate Peck is pushing herself to the limit with some of Australia's toughest challenges and environments.

At Your Service

Hotel experts Francis and John Brennan, owners of the Five Star Park Hotel Kenmare, restore the fortunes of struggling hospitality businesses across Ireland. There are big characters, big tasks, big ambitions and big challenges in each series.

Beneath New Zealand

The series reveals New Zealand as an active geological laboratory, still in the process of formation by shifting tectonic plates, earthquakes and volcano's.

Class Swap

A series that follows three groups of Irish students over a ten day period as they experience the cultural challenges of living and going to school in Poland, Finland and Spain.

Daniel & Majella's B&B Road Trip

Daniel and Majella hit the road on their tour of the beautiful towns and villages of Ireland.


Geobass is an award-winning epic adventure series following four expedition anglers on an around the world ultimate bass slam journey.

Grand Tours of Scotland

This successful BBC program follows historian Paul Murton as he tours Scotland using a tourist guidebook from the 1800s called Black’s Picturesque Guide to Scotland.

Inside Luxury Travel

Varun Sharma takes the audience with him as he explores amazing luxury resorts around the world, taking in the local sights, and visiting chefs in the resort kitchens.

Jet Set

In the ultimate luxury travel guide for every age, two hosts compete with each other to find out who is really living the jet set lifestyle.

New Zealand From Above

Showcasing the astonishing natural landscapes, rainforests, alpine environment, Maori culture, coastline and offshore islands of the Land of the Long White Cloud.

The Shelbourne Hotel

For the first time ever cameras were given access to the landmark Shelbourne Hotel

Tracks & Trails

Tracks and Trails reveals the most exhilarating beauty of Ireland through the eyes of a different celebrity host each episode.

Wild Racers

No second chances, no support and nowhere to go but the finish line. Day and night, non-stop, racing the clock as much as they race themselves. Across four continents and countless challenges. The ultimate price is simply surviving.

Food & Lifestyle

Cafe Secrets

Presented by top food writer Julie Le Clerc, this series celebrates New Zealand's vibrant, diverse cafe culture.

Chocolate Covered

Claire Clark, one of the top 5 pastry chefs in the world, visits renowned restaurants and patisseries famous for their chocolate making and culinary excellence. She makes her own spectacular chocolate confections both on location and in her own kitchen.

Cook the Books

Hosted by broadcaster, foodie, and cookbook fan Carly Flynn, this series celebrates cookbooks and their famous authors.

Get Growing

Solving backyard gardening problems and helping out with small-scale outdoor projects.

How Did You Do That?

Transforming an ugly old seaside holiday house into a gorgeous relaxed coastal family home, can John keep his mind on the job when the surf is calling?

Keep Fit

Keep Fit is aimed at those who want to stay fit and boost their English. Join qualified personal trainers from London for awesome workouts.

Lyndey & Herbie's Moveable Feast

From Byron to the Riverina, the Hawkesbury to Tasmania, see the outstanding produce and cuisine Australia has to offer.

Recipes That Rock

Rock star Alex James from the British band Blur, and celebrity chef Matt Stone find the best adventures and food Western Australia has to offer.

Run For Your Life

Alfie agrees to train 16 women to run the Cardiff Half Marathon. All are hardened social animals who like to eat, drink, and be merry to excess - they've got weight issues, high blood pressure, smoking habits, awful diets, and creaking bones.

Saturday Kitchen

Saturday Kitchen, Britain's favorite cooking show, arrives on the global stage, showcasing some amazing cuisine and personalities.

Sean's Kitchen

Sean Connelly celebrates the food of NYC's diverse immigrants and explores their rich culture as he designs a menu for his restaurant back in Australia.

The Farm

The Farm invites viewers to roll-up their sleeves and become part of the farm-to-table food revolution that’s catching on in America.

The Garden Pantry

A unique series that teaches a new generation the art of being self-sustainable from their own backyard.