Cover Stories – Lords & Ladies

Cover Stories - is a behind-the-scenes look at a high-end fashion magazine. Follow the trials and tribulations of the team at FQ and Sir magazine as they traverse the world on exotic shoots, meet the fashion elite and rub elbows with celebrities. In episode eleven, the team focuses on two major shoots for both FQ and SIR. While art director Bob Makinson and the rest of the team are shooting for FQ and SIR, CEO and creative director Michael King, is talking with Sir Richard Branson's people to try and arrange getting the billionaire to be on the cover of SIR. This would be a major coup. Meanwhile, the FQ team have again commissioned famed photographer Struan to shoot a feature in the Bahamas with model and interior designer India Hicks. India Hicks is the goddaughter to Prince Charles. With all of this on their plate the team is in for a real challenge to meet the deadlines.

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